Goromonzi High School

This project was slightly different. Goromonzi High School is a boarding school for both young men and women. Because it’s a boarding school, the demand for water is much higher. In addition to using the water for drinking, it will also be used for hygiene and sanitation reasons. The health impact of this project is immense.

Goromonzi School has a small contingent of families that are in a higher socio-economic class. The community is predominantly very poor but they were able to raise some funds for the project. Therefore, Three Days Project provided the borehole ($2200) and the Goromonzi community raised the money for the submersible pump, 500L retention tank and stand ($2000).

When the borehole was completed, the headmaster invited 15 of the men and 15 of the women students to come to the borehole site to celebrate the completion of the project. The parent association, the teachers, the headmaster, the construction team, and Jayne, Steve and I all surrounded the borehole. The headmaster asked one each of his highest achieving male and female students to give a speech about what they learned from the project and how it will benefit their school. I was amazed by how thoughtful and professional their presentations were. I am sure that this school is developing some of Zimbabwe’s future leaders.

The headmaster found out that I was a scientist and asked that I speak to a class of science students. I had a great time meeting with about 25 young men and women. We talked about the value of science and its effect on how we live and about the many career options that exist related to science. The students asked questions about health, disease, DNA, and agriculture and this was a great give and take discussion. Together we identified the ways in which good scientists can help solve the problems they are facing in their country.

-D. Randolph



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